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Why Do Ladies Even Behave Like This Before Sex Sef

2 min read

It is so common if you are the type of guy that get ladies laid often.
Firstly, u want to kiss her, she will be dodging her mouth but if u later succeed in kissing her, then she will be the one to kiss the kiss hell out of u

Secondly, you take ur hand to her breast, she first take it away but if u succeed opening one of their bra, and u start sucking it, she will tell u to suck the other one too.

Thirdly, u take ur hand to her pant, she hit ur hand n say no.

Then the romance get so intense and she will be like take ur finger down na.

The strangest is when u wanna open her pant and slide in ur poron grin.

She wil strict this time and say NO. Babe pls na, she will say No.

She will now say don’t dump me after I give u my sef ooo.

Guy will say baby I love u so much, I can’t ..

Later on, if u succeed, she will be like faster, harder, fuckkk me well, choke me.

Why The Pretence, Ladies?
Why Do We Love To Pretend?


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